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AnyStatus is a lightweight desktop application designed to bring you metrics and events from various sources

AnyStatus Desktop For Windows

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AnyStatus For Visual Studio

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Dashboard controls that keep you organized and up-to-date

Builds, Releases and Work Items

View the status of your builds, releases and work items on TFS, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, TeamCity, AppVeyor

Health Checks

Monitor the health and availablility of remote servers, Windows services, network, database connections and more


View the CPU usage, Performance Counters, SQL Queries and other metrics on remote and local computers


Organize your widgets in an unlimited folder structure. Events and statuses bubble up so the overall status can be viewed when the tree is collapsed


View the status of your development environment in a simple dashboard with customizable status indicators

Remote Control

Start builds, control remote Windows services, open web pages and more


Get notified when builds complete or when services are down


Trigger a command-line action or custom notification on all or specific status change


No server or cloud service is required


AnyStatus runs in the background and does not have a significant impact on the performance or startup of Visual Studio


Develop you own widgets using C#, VB.NET, PowerShell or batch scripts

Open Source

Community contributed open-source widgets library

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