AnyStatus for Windows and Visual Studio

AnyStatus is a lightweight tool, available as Visual Studio extension and desktop application for Windows, which you can use to monitor the status of your CI builds, releases, servers, network and services on the back end of your development workflow


Works with continuous integration services like TFS, VSTS, Jenkins, TeamCity and AppVeyor


View status of windows services, HTTP servers, Ping, TCP/UDP and database connections.


View CPU usage, performance counters, network speed and more.

Do It Yourself

Create your own widgets using C#, VB.NET, PowerShell or batch file.

AnyStatus Desktop

Standalone desktop application for Windows.

AnyStatus for Visual Studio

AnyStatus extension for Visual Studio runs in the background and shows the status dashboard as a tab in Visual Studio

AnyStatus Works With

Open Source

Community contributed open-source plugins, widgets and extensions library

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