TFS and VSTS Build Notifications

Posted on 05 May 2017 by AlonAm

AnyStatus enables developers to monitor and trigger builds on Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services and get notified when changes occur.

TFS Build Notifications

To add a TFS build monitor to AnyStatus dashboard, open the “New Item” dialog using the toolbar or context menu and select Continuous Integration > TFS Build.

TFS Build Notifications

Enter the name of the monitor, the URL address of your TFS server or VSTS account.


For TFS: http://server:port/tfs

Enter the Collection, Team Project and Build Definition names. Optionally you can spceificy user name and password or leave them empty for windows authentication.

Once the monitor has been created, you can trigger a new build or open the build web page in your default browser.

Trigger TFS Build