AnyStatus plugins are now open source!

Posted on 22 Jun 2017 by AlonAm

This week, I have separated all plugins from the main code base and moved them to a new open-source project to enable developers improve or add new plugins to the growing library.

To support the plugins library, I have created a new API library, which contains all the classes, interfaces and other utilities needed to develop plugins for AnyStatus.

Both libraries are hosted on GitHub and published to NuGet using AppVeyor. Developers are invited to create pull requests, suggest new ideas, report bugs and contribute to the documentation.

How it works

AnyStatus communicates with plugins using the API library. During startup, AnyStatus scans assemblies in the installation directory and registers all plugins.

A plugin is a set of classes that instruct AnyStatus how to display it in the dashboard and how to handle custom actions such as monitoring and triggering builds.

Plugins can be decorated with attributes such as DisplayName, Category and Description.


A widget class that defines the plugin.

A class that handles the health checks.