AnyStatus Release 1.5

Posted on 23 Dec 2017 by Alon Amsalem

AnyStatus 1.5 has been released to our website and later to Visual Studio marketplace and the Windows store. This release includes a few new features such as docking AnyStatus Desktop window, run AnyStatus Desktop when windows start, copy and paste widgets in the dashboard and more.

Two additional features were contributed by Nietha and Matt McKinstry is the option to use default credentials in HTTP/S health check and the option to monitor and trigger builds for specific branches on AppVeyor.

Bypass error and recovery notifications

To reduce the number of notifications during network outage, we’ve added an option to show or hide desktop notifications when errors occur or recover. By default, all widgets will show error notifications except builds.

Dock AnyStatus Desktop to the side of the screen

You can now dock the dashboard window to the side of your primary or secondary screen. The dashboard will automatically hide when losing focus. To bring back the dashboard window, click on the AnyStatus icon in your taskbar notification area.

AnyStatus Tray Icon