Visual Studio 2019 Support

Posted on 19 Apr 2019 by Alon Amsalem

AnyStatus extension for Visual Studio version 2.4.25 has been released a few weeks ago to support the new Visual Studio 2019 release. Thankfully, the upgrade was much easier than last year when I added Visual Studio 2017 support. Mads Kristensen post on how to upgrade extensions to support Visual Studio 2019 was very helpful and overall process was quick and easy. I was able to release a new version in less than an hour. Also, AnyStatus will now support Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019 and will no longer support Visual Studio 2012/2013.

The new release was tested thoroughly using Visual Studio 2019 Preview and there were no noticeable issues. If you experience any issues running AnyStatus on Visual Studio 2019, please share your insights in the comments section below or via our support channels.


Download the latest AnyStatus extension for Visual Studio from the Visual Studio Marketplace