TFS Build Status Notifications

Posted on 20 Apr 2019 by Alon Amsalem

Still using email notifications from your TFS server? Download AnyStatus and start getting build notifications directly to your desktop.


AnyStatus is a lightweight desktop notifications app designed to show statuses of various CI/CD tools such as Team Foundation Server, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, TeamCity and AppVeyor, all in a single dashboard on your desktop. These include, builds, releases, jobs, deployment environments, work items and more. In addition to CI/CD pipelines, AnyStatus provides basic monitoring capabilities to monitor the health state and availability of deployment environments. AnyStatus is available as desktop application for Windows and Visual Studio extension. Learn more

Get TFS build status notifications

To get build status notifications from TFS, download and install AnyStatus from our Downloads page. Launch AnyStatus from the Windows Start Menu and use the button to add a new widget to the dashboard. Alternatively, you can use the Context Menu > Add Widget option. Next, in the Add Widget Wizard select the DevOps category and then TFS Build widget.

  1. Enter a name for the widget.
  2. Enter the TFS server URL. For example: http://tfs:8080/tfs
  3. Enter the Collection name (default is DefaultCollection), the Team Project name and Build Definition name.
  4. Click Test to run the widget, any error messages are logged in the Activity Log.
  5. Click Add to save the new widget in the dashboard.

TFS Build Notifications

AnyStatus 2.4.36 & Azure DevOps Plugins
AnyStatus Desktop 2.4.36 with Azure DevOps Plugins

AnyStatus will start monitoring the newly created widget immediately. Any errors or warnings that may occur will be logged in the Activity Log. When the status of your TFS build change, a desktop notification will popup showing the new build status.

Queue a new build

Once the widget has been created, you can queue new builds using the Context Menu > All Tasks > Start option.

Reconcile your workspace after successful builds

You can automatically reconcile your workspace after a successful build using Triggers, a feature that enables you to run custom commands, such as tf.exe reconcile, when statuses change.