AnyStatus API

AnyStatus API is a .NET class library that contains the classes, interfaces and utilities needed for developing AnyStatus extensions and plugins.

How it works

A plugin is a set of classes that instruct AnyStatus how to display it in the dashboard and which features the plugin supports.

AnyStatus Components

AnyStatus modules.

Health Check Example

The following class is an example for a plugable health check plugin (widget). This class contains the widget properties (Name, Interval, etc.) and the attributes that are used to control which properties are required and how the widget is displayed in the user interface.

Because the Ping class implements IHealthCheck and ISchedulable, AnyStatus will automatically call the following class to perform the health check.

That’s it. No need to register these classes anywhere. AnyStatus will automatically scan and register all plugins during startup and the widget will automagically appear in the Add Widget window.

Want to see more examples? Check out the open-source plugins library on GitHub.