These are the changes to each version that has been released on the official Visual Studio Marketplace.

Version 1.4

Coming soon...


  • VSTS Release Plugin (Preview).
  • Jenkins View Plugin (Preview).
  • AnyStatus Desktop: Added a link to downloads page when a new version is available.
  • AnyStatus Desktop: Added icons to context menus.
  • AnyStatus Desktop: Press F5 to refresh the entire tree or selected node.


  • Improved general options UI.
  • Added support for plugins to add and remove nested plugins at runtime.
  • Highlight tree node on mouseover.
  • Changed tree nodes size, colors and margin.
  • Dynamically generated context menus.
  • Added lots of unit tests, integration tests and automated UI tests.
  • Removed Visual Studio dependencies from core project.
  • Added window shadow and border to AnyStatus Desktop.
  • Jenkins plugins refactoring.
  • Added CSRF protection support to Jenkins Job plugin.
  • Added success message to restore defaults command.

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes tree nodes are not selected.

Version 1.3.45


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue 22: When creating two items of the same type, the second item overwrites the first one.

Version 1.3.44



  • SQL Scalar Query - Show the return value of a scalar SQL query in the dashboard.
  • Check for new updates at startup. New version details is shown in the activity log.
  • Show success message after restoring default settings.
  • Use interval 0 to bypass monitors. Monitor check will run once and when refreshing the status.


  • Open source AnyStatus API library.
  • Open source AnyStatus Plugins library.
  • Changed notification messages text.


  • Removed unused assembly references to reduce package size.
  • Cleaner “Add new item” user interface.
  • Show one group at a time in “Add new item” user interface.
  • Improved assembly scanning during startup.
  • Dynamic source code plugin method signature validation.
  • User interface and general options refactorings.

Version 1.2.33



  • Added an option to specify build parameters for Jenkins builds.
  • Added an icon to AnyStatus tool window to support Visual Studio Iconizer.

Version 1.2



  • New Metrics and Monitors
    • Custom monitor using C#/VB.NET file.
    • SQL Server connection monitor.
    • IIS application pool monitor.
    • Network Upload/Download speed metric.
  • Added a new toolbar button called “Activity Log” that opens AnyStatus pane in the Visual Studio output window.
  • Custom actions like “Open in browser” and “Trigger a new build” are now disabled when the status is Error.
  • AnyStatus Desktop (standalone version).
  • Bold folder names.

Bug Fixes

  • VS crash when opening options page after first installation.
  • Help button now links to AnyStatus documentation.

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Version 1.1



  • Desktop notifications.
  • Encrypted configuration file.
  • Folder status summary.
  • Sort statuses by priority in Color Theme options page.
  • NuGet packages upgrade (scheduler, wpf toolkit, vs sdk build tools).
  • Added “Queued” status to indicate a build has been queued but not started (currently used only in AppVeyor build monitor).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed folder width issue when disabled.
  • Fixed TeamCity authentication bug.
  • Fixed “Move Down” context menu command.
  • Fixed “Remove” context menu command confirmation text.
  • Changed restore default settings confirmation text.

Known Issues

  • Notifications may be published more than once when using multiple Visual Studio instances.

Version 1.0



  • Visual Studio 2017 RC support.
  • Pingdom integration.

Bug Fixes

  • “Delete” changed to “Remove”.

Version 0.12



  • Configuration change notification.
  • Uptime Robot integration.
  • Show “Please wait…” while Visual Studio is loading.
  • Right-to-Left layout.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved startup experience.
  • Fixed AppVeyor build canceled status.

Version 0.11



  • Trigger Jenkins, TFS, AppVeyor and TeamCity builds.
  • Start, stop and restart windows services.
  • Collapse folders when starting.
  • Update build status after triggering a build.
  • Custom commands (for example, queue new build, open in browser, etc.).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when duplicating TFS builds.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation and context menu issues.

Version 0.10



  • New item/folder toolbar buttons.
  • Duplicate folders.
  • Added “Open in browser” option to context menu.
  • Replaced status icon with vector graphics.
  • Status icon indicators.
  • User settings refactoring.
  • UX/UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Set treeview inactive selection color as active.
  • Changed toolbar name to AnyStatus instead of Test Toolbar.

Version 0.9



  • Status icon indicators.
  • Added aggregated status indicators to Folders.
  • Added tooltips that describes the status and type of the monitors.
  • Duplicate items.
  • Added Refresh button to folders.
  • Enable or disable items within a group.

Version 0.8



  • Import and Export settings.
  • Toolbar commands refactoring.
  • Added a Test button to new item dialog.
  • Press Delete to delete selected item.
  • Detailed exception log messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug in settings initialization.
  • HTTP Status: treat HttpRequestException as error.
  • Improved startup experience.

Version 0.7



  • GitHub Issue monitor.
  • PowerShell Script monitor.
  • Batch File monitor.
  • Press F2 to rename selected item.
  • Expand/Collapse toolbar buttons.
  • Enable or disable Report Anonymous Usage in Options dialog.
  • Enable or disable debug mode in Options dialog.
  • Simplified Add New Item and Properties windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed TFS queued & canceled builds status color.
  • Improved user settings management.

Version 0.6



  • TFS 2015 & Team Foundation Services build status.
  • Drag-and-drop to move items between folders or to reorder items within a folder.
  • Move item up/down context menu buttons.
  • Plugable health checks infrastructure.
  • Basic input validation.
  • Hide password characters.
  • Write debug information to output window.
  • Added categories to item properties.

Version 0.5



  • Windows Service status monitor.
  • Added optional credentials to Jenkins build.
  • AppVoyer build status.
  • Edit health check properties.
  • Enable/Disable health check.
  • Refresh all health checks toolbar button.

Bug Fixes

  • UX/UI improvements.

Version 0.4



  • TeamCity build status.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug in New Item Wizard.

Version 0.3


  • Refresh monitor status.
  • TCP port monitor.

Version 0.2



  • Ping health check.

Version 0.1



  • Initial release.
  • Folder structure.
  • Jenkins build status.
  • HTTP health check.