AnyStatus Plugins

Azure DevOps

The Azure DevOps extension pack is a set of plugins designed to notify you about your work items, builds, releases and deployment environments on Azure DevOps Services.

Open Source

The open source plugins library contains the default widgets that comes free with AnyStatus. Check out the source code on GitHub.


  • TFS Build
  • VSTS Build
  • VSTS Release
  • Jenkins Job
  • Jenkins View
  • AppVeyor Build
  • TeamCity Build

Health Checks

  • Windows Service
  • HTTP/S
  • Ping
  • SQL Connection
  • IIS Application Pool
  • Uptime Robot
  • Pingdom


  • CPU Usage
  • Performance Counter
  • SQL Scalar Query
  • Coveralls Code Coverage
  • Network Upload Speed
  • Network Download Speed


  • C#/VB.NET File
  • PowerShell
  • Batch Script

Can’t find the plugin you were looking for? Submit a feature request on GitHub or Support Portal.