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AnyStatus is a DevOps tool which you can use to monitor the status of your builds, releases, servers, databases and other services, on the back end of your development workflow - so you can focus on your code. AnyStatus is available as Visual Studio extension and standalone desktop application. Read more

AnyStatus for Visual Studio

Version 1.4

Requires Visual Studio 2012 or later

AnyStatus Desktop

Version 1.4

Requires Windows XP or later

By downloading you agree to the end-user license agreement.

See the changelog for changes and roadmap.

Version 1.4



  • System tray icon shows the overall status of all monitors in AnyStatus Desktop.
  • VSTS Release Plugin (Preview).
  • VSTS Build Plugin (Preview) - supports personal access tokens.
  • Jenkins View Plugin by Alexander Kolky (Preview).
  • Added test button to properties window.
  • Press F5 to refresh the entire tree or selected node in AnyStatus Desktop.
  • Added a link to downloads page when a new version is available in AnyStatus Desktop.


  • Added "Parameterized Build" property to Jenkins Job plugin - the default behaviour has changed.
  • Added support for plugins to add/remove other plugins at runtime.
  • Added lots of unit tests, integration tests and automated UI tests.
  • Added icons to context menus in AnyStatus Desktop.
  • Dynamically generated context menus.
  • Jenkins plugins refactoring.
  • Added CSRF protection support to Jenkins Job plugin.
  • Improved general options UI.
  • Highlight tree node on mouseover.
  • Changed tree nodes size, colors, margin and cursor.
  • Added success message to restore defaults command.
  • Removed Visual Studio dependencies from core project.
  • Added window shadow and border to AnyStatus Desktop.
  • Added version number at the bottom of the main window in AnyStatus Desktop.
  • Custom scrollbar colors in AnyStatus Desktop.

Bug Fixes

  • #33 Trigger new build for Jenkins throws an exception.
  • #32 Left mouse click on background doesn’t unselect node.
  • #31 Drag and drop issue.
  • #26 Context menus not opening in some areas in AnyStatus Desktop.
  • #25 Notifications tray icon remains after closing.
  • Fixed expand/collapse issue in AnyStatus Desktop.
  • Fixed a bug when tree nodes are clicked but not selected.