AnyStatus for Visual Studio

Version 1.3 beta

Requires Visual Studio 2012 or later

AnyStatus Desktop

Version 1.4 alpha

Requires Windows XP or later

By downloading you agree to the end-user license agreement.

Release 1.3



  • SQL Scalar Query - Show the return value of a scalar SQL query in the dashboard.
  • Check for new updates at startup. New version details is shown in the activity log.
  • Show success message after restoring default settings.
  • Use interval 0 to bypass monitors. Monitor check will run once and when refreshing the status.


  • Open source AnyStatus API library.
  • Open source AnyStatus Plugins library.
  • Changed notification messages text.


  • Removed unused assembly references to reduce package size.
  • Cleaner “Add new item” user interface.
  • Show one group at a time in “Add new item” user interface.
  • Improved assembly scanning during startup.
  • Dynamic source code plugin method signature validation.
  • User interface and general options refactorings.

See the changelog for changes and roadmap.